Dear Santa…

…my wishlist this Christmas is not long. But if I have to wish for something at all that would be WORLD PEACE, to end all violence and have no more wars and killing. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done and sadly not something you can change overnight, but if we help each other out, we may be able to walk in the right direction.

For my other Santas visiting this blog for inspiration, here above you will find some last minute inspiration.

I really like the curly earrings from Jane Koenig. Every woman needs to have a nice red lipstick in her purse – I would like to have this one from Tom Ford. Something else that I dream about is this lovely lamp from Lene Bjerre and this armchair from Layered I would love to have these in our house in Lund. I would also love to have this illustrated history book of the worlds most famous fashion magazine, vogue.


These Elyse sneakers from Stella McCartney are absolutely amazing in all ways you can possibly imagen. It’s a neat shoe, on a classic sneaker with a sporty twist: Sneak-Elyse in white with contrasting red and blue rubber sole which even makes them a bit more interesting. How lovely do they look with the red stockings? YEs I know, AMAZING.

Mina vita Sneak-Elyse från Stella McCartney har verkligen blivit en del av mig. Jag kan inte tänka mig ett liv utan dessa just  nu för att de passar till så otroligt mycket som jag har i min garderob.  Att hitta ett par skor som passar till mycket i din garderob, som inte är just i en mörk färg kan vara ganska svårt. Just därför känner jag väldigt starkt för dessa skönheter.