Grönt är ju skönt men framförallt är det en färg som jag alltid har varit väldigt förtjust i. Här ovan finner ni några höstfavoriter som jag inte skulle tacka nej till.

Green is really a color that I have been fond of as long as I can remember. So here are my current autumn obsessions.

Night table from Ellos. Green checkered pants from HOPE. Jeans and sneakers by Stella McCartney. Tee and Jacket från LOEWE.



It’s called Vegagården. Our little summerhouse!

We have been thinking about this little thing since December last year. I really don’t know where to begin since so much has happened already, but let’s just try to take it from the start.
If I would describe this house with just one word that would be DISASTER. Everything was just so wrong and when I say everything I really do mean EVERYTHING. The first viewing was in December as I said. It was winter here in Sweden and as you know during winter it’s quite dark here even during the day.
We went to see the house in the afternoon, it was dark outside and I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous. The garden was the first thing we saw and after seeing the garden I just wanted to turn back. It was overgrown of all sorts of trees everywhere strange old things lying around in the garden. When we stepped into the house we couldn’t almost see the floor since the owner had so much things everywhere, boxes filled with stuff everywhere. I was screaming in my mind and I just wanted to leave.
So after the first viewing this was just a BIG FUCKING NO (excuse my french).
But no way baby, I’m not buying something that looks like this.
But somehow my BF could not stop thinking about this ”shitty place” as I would call it. So I promised him I would give it one more go during spring when the weather is nice and when we had the opportunity to see it in normal daylight.
That was exactly what we did in april during Easter. It was nice weather, the sun was shining and it was hot. And I think I needed this as a starting point. I don’t even want to say it but boy oh boy all of a sudden I started to see lots of possibilities and everything we could do with this place. But I couldn’t say anything to him since I still was not sure. This was a huge step for me. BUY A HOUSE. ME? IS THIS ME. CAN WE AFFORD IT? I DON’T WANT TO MOVE, LEAVE STOCKHOLM. No I can’t tell him that I’m interested. So I just said “Yes it’s nice but NO I don’t want to buy it”.
After this I just could not get my mind of it. There is not even anything special about it since we have to renovate the entire thing. But still this “shitty house could not leave my mind” So I said let’s see it one more time and than we’ll decide what to do. With that said and done two months later we were signing papers.
This courtyard with a large barn and a house has been officially ours since 1st of August.
We fell in love with the view, environment and all the peace.
In the future, I will blog about our house and the renovation we have in front of us. I will of course continue to upload pictures of my outfits and tip about things I like at the moment. Hope you like it!

Black & White Checkerboard Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floor blackwhite


Svartvitrutigt köksgolv har alltid varit lite av en dröm. Efter att ha varit nere i Skåne i två veckor nu har några av våra drömmar gått i uppfyllelse. Vi är lång ifrån klara (så som vi vill ha det slutgiltiga resultatet) men det har skett en stor förändring och det känns inte som samma hus invändigt. Det svartvitrutiga golvet är på plats och det känns superduper bra.

I’m going to be moving into a house with black and white checkered kitchen floor. Finally that dream came true. We have been renovating the house for two weeks now. Many wishes have come true but we are far from finished. But black and white checkered kitchen floor is done.