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I wanted to create something that truly is me that I can share with all of you. Photos, text, illustrations, traveling, taste and videos. Show you my point of fashion, style, beauty, home and love of course. I want to share a part of my world and the way I express myself. In my own way on my own page.

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We woke up this morning and started the morning with a lovely breakfast.

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After the breakfast it was time to try out all the varm pools Yasuragi had to offer.

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It was an amazing, really relaxing stay. Prefect way to get away from the city.


Straight from the stove @yasuragi


Yasuragi – We had two amazing days at Yasuragi, the whole stay was lovely. Let’s start with this wonderful dinner where we had our own chef.  It was such a playful, charming scene and mood – I want to share as much as possible by all this photos that I took. Enjoy!

DSC_0607 DSC_0618 DSC_0626 DSC_0640The Scallop – So where should I start.

The Scallop had a wonderful taste, and while we were enjoying our first meal, the chef began to fry his second dish in front of us on the big stove.

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A fried dumpling with pan-fried rice – Really tasty!

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A bowl of cod fish, sea coral, and a soup broth, with a glass of riesling white wine.

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The Japanese omelette with chopped seaweed with bleak roe  – was one of my favorites. A wonderful taste explossion and I would be more than happy to have been able to eat two portions.

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Roast lamb with black kale and mushrooms served with rice and a homemade soy sauce. The taste was something extraordinary. After this amazing dinner, we felt that all of our taste senses were involved in a magical way. What we also could note afterwards was that this kind of service was on a really high level, a great experience. These dishes would not taste the same if they had been served in a regular restaurant. The chef was a lot of the experience, especially since we ate while he described the contents of the meal and told us about the ingredients.




We are currently at Yasuragi. I can hardly wait until I get to tell you about our stay. I am pleasantly surprised.

Talk soon!