We are currently at Yasuragi. I can hardly wait until I get to tell you about our stay. I am pleasantly surprised.

Talk soon!




Eating breakfast by the water is one of the things I appreciated most when we were in Thailand and our early morning swim in the sea of course. The world has just woken up and you can really sense it. To just be able to enjoy the magnificent nature. The sea is so blue and so untouched and it’s just us out here right now for at least one hour before the first company will come and join us. For me breakfast is definitely the best meal of the day. I love all different types of fruit and pancakes and yogurt and juice and then, a breakfast always needs to contain a lot of coffee. It was just exactly how our breakfasts looked like every day. I LOVED IT!

DSC_0894 DSC_0928DSC_0929

A thought for the environment


I’m having a really calm day today, drinking lots of organic coffee and eating a croissant while I’m reading a bunch of magazines. I’m also planing for a few awesome things I’m doing in the future.

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Next week it’s time for me to become one year older, it’s my birthday on Thursday. For that weekend we are planning for a little getaway. I and my dearest boyfriend are visiting YASURAGI. I know it’s going to be an amazing visit since YASURAGI stands for sustainability and are continually working to reduce the negative impact on the environment. I can’t wait to tell you about this stay, so you guys will know more about YASURAGI in two weeks from our point of view.